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Dodge Dart - 1.4L Turbo - Lightweight Steel Flywheel - Clutch Masters
Dodge Dart - 1.4L Turbo - Lightweight Steel Flywheel - Clutch Masters
Dodge Dart - 1.4L Turbo - Lightweight Steel Flywheel - Clutch Masters
Dodge Dart - 1.4L Turbo - Lightweight Steel Flywheel - Clutch Masters

Dodge Dart - 1.4L Turbo - Lightweight Steel Flywheel - Clutch Masters

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Dart 1.4L Turbo

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Maximize the performance of your Dodge Dart 1.4L Turbo with the Clutch Masters Lightweight Steel Flywheel. Experience faster revs, improved throttle response, and a more engaging driving experience.

Upgrade to the precision-engineered Clutch Masters flywheel and unlock the full potential of your Dart's performance. 

Upgrade your driving experience with the Clutch Masters Lightweight Steel Flywheel designed for the Dodge Dart 1.4L Turbo. Engineered for performance enthusiasts seeking improved acceleration, quicker throttle response, and enhanced driving dynamics, this flywheel is a game-changer for your vehicle.


Enhanced Performance: The Clutch Masters Lightweight Steel Flywheel optimizes your Dart's performance by reducing rotational mass, resulting in faster revs and improved engine response. Enjoy a more exhilarating driving experience with increased power transfer to the wheels.

Superior Build Quality: Crafted from high-grade steel, this flywheel delivers exceptional durability and reliability. It is engineered to withstand the rigors of high-performance driving, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Perfect Balance: Precisely balanced to OEM specifications, the Clutch Masters flywheel eliminates vibration and ensures smooth engine operation. Experience a refined driving feel that enhances overall comfort and control.

Direct Fitment: Designed specifically for the 2012-2016 Dodge Dart 1.4L Turbo, the flywheel guarantees a perfect fit without any modifications required. This straightforward installation process saves you time and effort.

Improved Clutch Engagement: The lightweight design enables faster clutch engagement, resulting in quicker shifts and smoother gear transitions. Enjoy a more responsive clutch pedal feel, making driving in stop-and-go traffic a breeze.

Race-Inspired Technology: Drawing from Clutch Masters' racing heritage, this flywheel incorporates cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise, delivering race-inspired performance to your everyday drive.

About Manufacturer

The Clutch Masters Difference:

Clutch Masters' clutches are true High Performance Clutch Systems and are technologically superior to anything currently on the market.

To develop a clutch with all the desired performance characteristics for intended applications is the challenge of a high performance clutch company. Clutch Master's clutch system is unique in the industry. They use Hi-Leverage technology in their pressure plates, which significantly increases clamping force with no unnecessary increase in pedal pressure. Discs are designed either with reduced Marcel or a solid hub design to take advantage of our Hi-Leverage pressure plate. The combination of these cutting edge technologies creates the finest clutch system on the market.

With many years in the industry, Clutch Masters have researched hundreds of friction materials and use only the best materials available for each intended application. By combining the optimum clamping force with the finest friction materials - each with their own unique coefficient of friction - Clutch Masters has developed a line of clutches that provide ultimate performance in virtually any severe environment. 

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