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Dodge Dart Power Pack - Magneti Marelli Engine Controller + Power Pedal w/ Remote Combo

Dodge Dart Power Pack - Magneti Marelli Engine Controller + Power Pedal w/ Remote Combo
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Price: $1,199.99
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Manufacturer: Magneti Marelli
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Fits Models
  • Dodge Dart 1.4L
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    Purchase both at once and save $100!

    Check out one of the best Plug and Play Power Upgrades available for your DART!


    This listing is for a great Performance Package for your Dodge Dart. Increase the power and response of your DART by installing these two great add ons.


    Please see the individual product listings for the Magneti Marelli Engine Control Module and Power Pedal for details on each of the products in this listing.




    By purchasing this unit you understand that it is being sold under the "For Off Road and Race Use Only" category. It may not be legal for street use. You agree to check your local state laws for legality prior to installing it and using it on a vehicle intended for street use.

    You also understand that by increasing the power output of your engine you may cause harm to the power train of your vehicle and shorten the life of the engine and related components (if not used as intended).

    By purchasing this unit you understand and agree to release 500 MADNESS, MADNESS Autoworks, Magneti Marelli, its affiliated companies and partners, its owners, officers and staff from any damages, costs, legal and non legal issues that may arise from the use of this product.

    You agree that 500 MADNESS, MADNESS Autoworks, Magneti Marelli its affiliated companies and partners, its owners, officers and staff are limited in their responsibility from anything that may happen by the use of this product and agree to hold all parties involved harmless from any costs or issues that may be associated with the use of this product.




    Details on the Magneti Marelli Power Pedal:


     The newest product from Magneti Marelli for your FIAT 500.

    The new Magneti Marelli Power Pedal. This module is designed to remap the way your Thottle Pedal sends a signal to the ECU of your DART. It is a plug and play device that can be easily installed in less then 5 minutes at home.

    The devise has been designed to make the vehicle more responsive. We have been testing this device on our own cars and can inform you that it makes a significant difference in the way the DART responds.

    We installed this module and use it on our own DART and as good as the Magneti Marelli Engine Controller is adding this unit to the car in addition to the controller made it even better!

    If you are looking to increase the response of your DODGE DART put this item at the top of your list!!!

    This Power Pack Combo will come with the optional Remote Control. This remote control will allow you to alter the Power Pedal setting by simply pushing a button and also alter the Power Setting of the Engine Controller all at once! The difference pushing a button makes is simply fantastic!

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